Municipal office and kindergarten
in Rudinka

The construction of the community center, which also houses the municipal office and kindergarten, was completed in 1967.

The complete reconstruction (replacement of windows, doors and insulation) took place in the years 2009 – 2010.

The kindergarten is a one-class school, located on the floor of the community center. Within the kindergarten, the premises underwent a complete reconstruction (the building was completely insulated in 2014, electrical installations were replaced, sanitary facilities were reconstructed, and the heating system was modernized).

Kindergarten is the only school in the village and provides all-day educational care for children from 2 and a half years to 6 years and children with delayed compulsory school attendance.

The capacity of the school is set for 21 children, the school is also attended by children from the surrounding villages.

History of kindergarten

The first principal of the school was Mr. Margita Ochodničanová, since 1976  Mr. Jozefa Kohútová took over the function and Mr. Daniela Chmelářová became the teacher.The location of the kindergarten is not satisfactory, but the spaces reserved for it are well adapted to the number of children placed. The negative of the location of the kindergarten is mainly that the ground floor serves a general purpose, which causes increased demands on the hygiene and ventilation of the kindergarten. During the previous school years, the school premises were well equipped, both in terms of purpose and in terms of aesthetics and hygiene.

In the school year 1982/83, the construction of the kindergarten premises was carried out. With the execution of construction works for the school, the reconstruction of the soc. equipment from the ground floor of the building to the first floor, to the premises of the kindergarten, construction of a warehouse for vegetables, food and thus the reduction of the kitchen space.

In 1990/91, decisions were made about the existence of the school, and during this period the efforts of the educators focused on obtaining parents to support and understand their requirements by regularly fulfilling the daily childcare regime so that the school fully fulfilled its mission for the community. The school premises were equipped with basic materials, equipment, furniture, children’s garden equipment was equipped and a playground was fenced. In these years, until 1992, the school management improves the school equipment according to demand and availability of funds by purchasing mechanical devices, but also decorative materials such as curtains, drapes, tablecloths, pillows and especially various teaching aids for leading a quality, educational process with children.

Since 1991, education has generally limited funding to all kindergartens, but the quality of work and operation of kindergartens, the management has been able to successfully implement a sufficient amount of supplies of the necessary material from the previous period. Later, there was a total distribution of property in our state and so the kindergarten in Rudinka, due to its location in the cultural house, belongs to the Municipal Office in Rudinka.

The municipal office does not charge an appropriate rent fee from the District Office – Department of Education in Kysucké Nové Mesto, but on the contrary, it itself contributes financially to the school’s operating costs together with the children’s parents.

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