how did it start?

The beginnings of the educational trail Panské Vŕšky date back to 2015 with the initiation of the Association of Forest and Pasture Owners p.s. Rudinka. This year, the association built a smaller shelter in the locality of Panské vřšky (local period name of the locality).

In 2017, the inhabitants of the village marked the place in Google maps as “Panoráma pánske Vŕšky, Rudinka”. The inhabitants of the village used the word “Pánske”, where it evokes the use of the letter “á”, but it correctly bears the name “Panské”. Historical maps, resp. documents that point to the correctness of the name, i.e. Panské Vršky.

By creating a place on Google Maps, the villagers wanted to offer the general public a place that only locals have known so far. They used the selected location for various toasters, meetings, as well as a relaxation zone with a beautiful view of the entire valley of the lower Kysuce – Kysucká Vrchovina, or nature reserve Kysucká brána, but also the surrounding villages (Brodno, Rudinka, Oškerda, Rudina and Kysucké Nové mesto) .

In 2018, Vladimír Filip – a member of the municipality of Rudinka, employees of the municipality of Rudinka, the Association of Forest and Pasture Owners p.s. Rudinka, DHZ Rudinka, Karol Burger, Poľovnícke združenie Tri kopce and the editorial board of the periodical Novinky z Rudinka decided to develop a project for the Panské Vŕška educational and training path.

The main goal of creating an educational path was the idea of ​​supporting and promoting local tourism, as well as cultural and social development in the area, promoting local fauna and flora to create a positive relationship with nature, support non-formal education, support for improvement and creation of new social ties in society and the cooperation of diverse interest groups.

The project “Educational and educational trail Panské Vŕšky Rudinka” within the Orange Foundation participated through the grant program “Let’s connect for a good cause”, which is directly related to the program “Chance for your region” in 2018, where it also succeeded and received funding in the amount of € 677.80. The funds significantly helped to implement the first phase of the educational path.