Fire station
in Rudinka

In the years 1939-1945, only one fire brigade was established in the Kysucké Nové Mesto district. The fire brigade was located in Rudinka. At the beginning of its activity, the brigade had only one hand-held horse-drawn fire hydrant.

On August 7, 1949, 14 citizens of Rudinka gathered and decided to form the fire brigade.

These were the first fire fighters:

Jakub Michal, Jakub Svrček, František Pilát, Vincent Čučo, Vincent Hutyra, František Piňo, Pavol Svitek, Štefan Svitek, Vincent Sivek, Martin Líška, Jozef Micheľ, Viliam Lončík, Štefan Beňadik and Filip Hlavatý.

On April 28, 1951, Vincent Sivek became the chairman of the new committee, Štefan Beňadik became the commander, and Jozef Švaňa became the secretary.

In 1953, a fire station with an office was put into use / during its construction, the members worked many hours as volunteers /.

In 1958, they founded a junior fire brigade, which in 1959 advanced to the regional competition in Žilina, where it took 3rd place. In 1960 they founded a youth fire brigade and in 1962 a women’s fire brigade.

DHZ Rudinka has 52 members as of May 30, 2017.

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