of Saint John the Baptist and notable people of Rudinka

Chapel of Saint John the Baptist

Chapel of Saint John the Baptist in Rudinka dates back to 1939 and is located in the southern part of the village. From July 1, 2004, the chapel was separated from the parish in Kysucké Nové Mesto.

It currently exists as a branch of the parish of Rudina under the Roman Catholic Church.

The chapel serves St. Mass only on 24.6. (feast of St. John the Baptist).

Notable people of Rudinka

Notable people of the municipality are the people who, due to their uniqueness, dexterity and, above all, character, have become known to society. Despite the fact that the village of Rudinka is one of the smallest villages in Dolné Kysuce, they have their unique personalities, thanks to which they were able to represent this village.


Ľudovít Gajdlan was born on October 30, 1908 in Rudinka and died on July 30, 1973 in Friwald (Rajecká Lesná). His father’s name was Štefan Gajdlan (1883-1918) and he worked as a worker. Mother Jozefína, born Jozáková (1880-death undetermined). Ľudovít had two siblings. Later he had  wife Emilia, born Boľová (1918-death undetermined). He and his wife had four daughters.

In the years 1915 to 1921, Ľudovít attended school in Kysucké Nové Mesto. Subsequently, he worked in the years 1929-1939, as a worker with various specializations in Škoda in Prague. During this time he was also sent to military basic service in the years 1930-1932.

After the experience that Ľudovít gained as a soldier in military service and also as a worker in Prague, he decided to return to Slovakia. He worked in Slovakia from 1939-1950 in various companies. From 1945, Gajdlan was a member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. In 1950 he settled for a job in Elektrovoda in Žilina, as an electrician, later a group worker. In 1968 he retired.

During his time in the Czech countries, he also joined the labor movement, in the years 1933-1938 he was a member of the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Workers’ Party. He later worked in community organizations.

As the electrician of Elektrovoda, Ľudovít contributed to electrification and development of energy in western and central Slovakia with his excellent work by building structures for high-voltage lines.

In 1965, Ľudovít Gajdlan was awarded the Labor Council.


Tomáš Hacek was born on June 24, 1927 in Rudinka. He died on January 13, 1994 in Kysucké Nové Mesto. He grew up in Dunajov. In the years 1943-1947 he studied at the Business Academy in Turčianske St. Martin. After graduating from the academy, he joined a private company in Kežmarok as an economist. In the years 1951-1987 he worked in the Precision Engineering Plant (ZPS), later also in the Bearing Production Plant (ZVL) in Kysucké Nové Mesto. In the years 1954-1958, Tomáš completed his education at the Industrial School of Mechanical Engineering in Kysucké Nové Mesto, where he successfully passed the school-leaving examination. He continued his studies in the years 1966-1969 at the Institute of Heavy Industry, Department of Mechanical Engineering Production Management, which he also successfully completed after a three-year study. He lived in Dunajov, but since 1952 in Kysucké Nové Mesto.

He worked in the Bearing Production Plant (ZVL) in Kysucké Nové Mesto as the head of the general accounting office, then in 1970 as the economic deputy and from 1977 as the director of the company.

During his leadership, the company was repeatedly evaluated as the best in the concentration in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. For his work he was awarded many honors for merits for construction.