Resting area
in Kysucká brána

The recreation zone in Kysucké brána is located in the southern part of the village, by the playground, on the way to Kysucké Nové Mesto (road III / 2095). The recreation zone was built in the 80s of the last century on the flood-devastated lands of the urbariat and the village.

In the relaxation zone there are benches, greenery and also an open-air reading room. In the immediate vicinity for leisure and sports activities there is a football field, which is maintained by the village and accessible to both residents and visitors.

Despite the fact that the village of Rudinka maintains the football field, it does not have an active football team. It does not participate in sports football competitions, even at the junior level.

Football field is currently used mainly by local firefighters, who are currently the winners of the North Slovak Fire League and are constantly achieving good results in firefighting.

There is a playground near the relaxation area, which is maintained for the use by kindergarten.

The resting area in Kysucká brána is very often used for firefighting events, meetings, or various social or general events. The village of Rudinka is very open in this respect and can provide the necessary equipment for corporate events (“goulash”). In case of interest, the municipal office should be contacted.

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